With our decorative elements you can evaluate your home and add some extra punch. Pay particular attention to our extensive range of lamps – simply enlightening.

There is nothing better than to beautify your own four walls with attractive decorative elements. With your help, unique accents can be set to give the individual rooms that certain something. The various living accessories provide a high degree of individuality and at the same time stylish eye-catchers.

Your own personality is expressed in a wonderful way through the various decorative elements, because they reflect your own taste. At the same time, they create a very special feel-good atmosphere as well as a loving cosiness, which breathes some life into your own home.

Whether you are looking for decorative items for a shelf, a table or for the wall, at Instyle Living you will find numerous accessories that can be perfectly matched to your furnishing style. Beautiful figures, statues or bowls provide next to cushions, blankets and lamps for a successful interior design, which inspires. But also stylish vases as well as lanterns in all sizes are perfectly suited to give the outdoor or indoor area a special ambience.

Living room design with Instyle Living

You would like to give your living area a new flair and completely redesign it? Then you will find everything you need at Instyle Living to give your room a touch of exclusivity and elegance. Modern couch elements, lounge chairs and loungers invite you to linger and to spend cosy hours in it. In combination with extraordinary table elements as well as extravagant lamps, a wonderful atmosphere is created to feel good.

In order to breathe some light into the ambience, you will find modern and stylish lamps to complete the furnishings, in addition to numerous luxury furniture on Mallorca. They provide a perfect illumination of the room or allow an accentuated lighting, for example to perfectly set decorative items such as the small Buddhas or vases in scene.

The somewhat different decoration articles

To ensure that the teak furniture or patio furniture in Mallorca is wonderfully expressed, there are decorative cushions and blankets that underline the coziness factor. But also small and big statues as well as figures made of nickel, aluminium or wood as well as bowls and lanterns underline the ambience and simply invite to relax. Due to the numerous decorative items, each room can be designed completely individually, so that a completely different atmosphere can be expressed again and again.

Are you looking for a small oasis of well-being in a very special style? Then Instyle Living offers you a wide range of possibilities to perfectly combine elegance, exclusivity and a modern style. From comfortable seating furniture to living accessories, the room can be individually designed down to the smallest detail. Coordinate figures, lamps, lanterns and bowls perfectly with each other and thus give your own furnishing style an expressive note.